Ordinary People International

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To date, Ordinary People International (OPI) has received and distributed over $5 million dollars in in-kind donations from our sponsors to the OPI community.

Faith-based Partners

Ordinary People International Mission

The mission of Ordinary People International is to offer effective, targeted services that enrich the quality of life and contribute to the health and vitality of the community for people in need, with respect and compassion for each person’s value to society.

Ordinary People International Vision

Based on the rich traditions of the Jane Addams Hull House, where people had access to a myriad of services under one roof, OPI is a community-centric nonprofit organization that promotes the profoundly important and necessary benefits of intergenerational exchange as a vehicle to uplift and inspire the human spirit, especially among our inner-city youth.

Who We Are Now

Ordinary People International (OPI) is a 501c(3) non-profit organization located on the Southside of Chicago and formed in 2007 to provide unique, meaningful programs and activities to under-served and under-privileged persons of all ages. OPI caters to children 8-12, high school/college students, young adults and seniors.

We currently operate from a church building (Sanctuary of Prayer Church) located at 851 West 103rd Street in Chicago, Illinois. We have outgrown our space due to the volume of donations we receive.

Our Intergenerational (IG-5) programmatic vision was altered due to the economic downturn. With a record number of community centers closings, families losing homes, and the unemployment rate increasing, we continue to find creative ways to receive a wide range of free donations to distribute to our communities. Donations are critical to the community and help those in need avoid purchasing necessities for sustainibility. We continue to increase our in-kind donor base to include high end products and goods. We are proud to see that our donations brings joy and gratitude to the people and communities we serve.

Ordinary People International Faith-Based Partners

The following faith-based partners receive and distribute donations from Ordinary People International:

  • All Nations Temple of Deliverance
  • Apostolic Faith Church
  • Colony All Nations Church
  • God’s House of All Nations Church
  • Faith United Methodist Church in Orland Park
  • King of Glory Church
  • Orland Park Christian Reformed Church
  • Park Community Church
  • Sanctuary of Prayer Church
Ordinary People International Donor Wall
OPI thanks our donors for their ongoing generosity and support!
Faith United Methodist Church of Orland Park
Endowment Fund Grant of $5,000 toward the
purchase of a cargo van

Orland Park Kiwanis Club: $1,000
Anthony J. Petruzella: $100 toward cargo van
Michael Jay: $250
Rosie Griggs Olivier: $250
Sanctuary of Prayer Church: $250
Willa Smith: $125
Pastor Jeffrey Hodges: $100
Anthony J. Petruzella: $100
Ethyrella Stewart: $100
Stephanie Smith: $50
Mitch Daar: $36
Marilyn Popoola: $15