Future Programs


OPI’s overarching programs and activities provide the foundation for opportunities that promote engaging exchange between the five targeted generations. Each IG-5 Program category will have activities that cover the following five basic areas across each generation:

Wellness and Nutrition

We will promote hands-on/theory classes/activities for best practiced healthy and nutritional habits.

Financial Planning

Industry professionals will be invited to offer master class workshops for financial literacy to all age groups in the areas of  budgeting, investments, banking, and retirement planning.


Software classes will be offered to empower all age groups to apply newly gained skills for everyday living and acquiring Internet skills as a tool for resourceful information.  The Technology Center will also serve as an after school venue.

Life Skills

Activities such as “Mind Your Manners” will cover etiquette for youth as well as Professionalism in the Workplace for young adults. Newly gained skills will be tested in real life scenarios.  Interns and professionals will lead this class.


Seniors will “coach” young adults in their respective retired fields (i.e. education, private sector, trades, etc.), while college students and teenagers will be encouraged to tutor school-aged youth (which can be used for community service credits).

Summer Arts Program

These classes will encompass creative and visual arts.

The Archdiocese of Chicago Food Summer Program

Free meals will be served to youth from ages 8 to 18 during the months of June, July, and August.