How You Can Help

Sponsorship Opportunities

We have outgrown our current space and are in need of 4,000—6,000 square feet within a school or church building. Additionally, over the years this building will allow us to offer a place where individuals teach, mentor, have fun, and encourage each other by connecting five generations under one programmatic umbrella.

When we receive our building, several organizations and businesses have committed to  provide free meals for our summer program, free labor (if renovations are required), college partnerships, and pro bono legal services. To sustain ourselves we plan to rent our spaces to the community, operate a café, and charge a small fee for our planned activities, i.e., movie night, plays, musicals, etc. Over the years OPI has received an abundance of catering and office equipment to jumpstart our business.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Fund Creative Arts Program
  • Fund Wellness-Nutrition Program
  • Fund Commercial Kitchen
  • Fund Computer Lab/Training Program

How Your Donation Will Impact Our Programs

  • Participants will develop pro-social behavior
  • Participants will be motivated and encouraged to transfer newly gained knowledge for the betterment
  • of the community
  • Participants will realize a “sense of self” and respect for humanity to help thwart violence in the community
  • Promote greater utilization of resources and experience in the community
  • Form new partnerships among community organizations, businesses and individuals
  • Stimulate job creation for the unemployed
  • Inspire other philanthropic giving and enhance community spirit
  • Encourage dialogue and learning amongst 5 generations
  • Undergraduate and graduate students will be able to work with seniors and children while providing
  • practical opportunities that are transferable to the global workforce
  • We will offer cooperative group strategies and multiple opportunities for participants to develop
  • personal qualities to include responsibility, self-esteem, and accountability

Individual, In-Kind & Corporate Donations

If you are interested in making a tax deductible gift to Ordinary People International or if you wish to become a sponsor, please call the Executive Director, Tami Smith at 773-530-4558 or you may send an email to:

Ordinary People International Donor Wall
OPI thanks our donors for their ongoing generosity and support!
Faith United Methodist Church of Orland Park
Endowment Fund Grant of $5,000 toward the
purchase of a cargo van

Orland Park Kiwanis Club: $1,000
Anthony J. Petruzella: $100 toward cargo van
Michael Jay: $250
Rosie Griggs Olivier: $250
Sanctuary of Prayer Church: $250
Willa Smith: $125
Pastor Jeffrey Hodges: $100
Anthony J. Petruzella: $100
Ethyrella Stewart: $100
Stephanie Smith: $50
Mitch Daar: $36
Marilyn Popoola: $15