Future Programs

Future Intergenerational (IG) Programs

(contingent on funding and building purchase)

Ordinary People International’s Future Intergenerational (IG) Programs will provide the foundation to promote engaging exchange between our 5 generations.

These programs will be unique, creative, and rewarding. They are:

  • Creative Arts Program
  • Wellness/Nutrition
  • Financial Management
  • Technology
  • Mentoring/Tutoring

By “marrying” these five generations under one programmatic umbrella, OPI seeks to harness the knowledge, skills and education that they each embody to provide an open space for each generation to teach and learn from each other. The Arts provide young people with authentic learning experiences that engage their minds, hearts, and bodies. OPI plans to provide arts education programming and activities that help students learn; can enhance creativity, self-discipline, and the skills and confidence necessary to meet the challenges encountered during their lives.

With respect to seniors, they are the fastest growing population in need of stimulating activities to help keep their minds sharp and thwart against loneliness that often leads to further health issues due to depression. OPI seeks to be a positive alternative “day care” center for seniors that encourages them to interact with youth, share their wisdom and experiences, as well as develop new skills (such as computer skills, arts & crafts, and other related activities). Participants will benefit from socializing with others and receiving needed assistance to help them navigate accessing services and resources that can help them continue to lead healthy lives.

We will restore the true concept of community from the younger generations’ technological savvy to the older generation’s wisdom and experience—OPI will help to restore the truce concept of “one family, one community.” By offering a multitude of services for the under-served “under one roof,” OPI will help to foster cross-generational communication in a “village” setting to help redefine and transform the community from the inside out.