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Donation overview

In order to fulfill our mission, we rely on the generosity of individuals as well as local and multi-national businesses for support. To date, we have received over $7 million dollars in monetary and in-kind donations. Eighty-five percent of this amount was in-kind donations.  Without the assistance of community-minded individuals, we would not be able to serve those in our community year after year. Currently, Ordinary People International (OPI) is looking to expand its current operations and is seeking support to fund several institutional development projects which will help us better serve those in our community.

An immediate need for a new building for our non-profit

As the number of our donations have grown and the needs of the surrounding community demand that we increase our flow of donations, our space needs have changed drastically. As such, we are searching for a new home for Ordinary People International such that we can continue to expand our storage for our donations and therefore be able to take in more donations and serve more people from our surrounding neighborhoods.

For over 10 years, we have operated out of space provided by a church.  Upon the death of the pastor, the new leaders requested that we move our operations to another facility. Our equipment and donations are currently housed in 3 storage spaces. Our new home would ideally be between 4,000—6,000 square feet in order to fully accommodate the donations that we receive. We are seeking capital funding in order to lease such a space or donation of space that would suit our purposes.

Program/operating costs project

In order to conduct these expansions of our services, we are looking to fundraise in order to cover general operating costs. This would allow us to operate full-time by allowing us to pay for staffing as well as the other needs of a nonprofit organization. Due to lack of current funding, we are unable to operate on a full-time basis which greatly reduces the amount of impact that we have been able to make on our community.

In order to fund these projects, we are seeking foundation grant funding as well as individual monetary donations in order to achieve these goals. We are actively working toward achieving our goal of raising $250,000 during the 2020/2021 fiscal year so that we are able to work towards these goals as well as prepare for a larger scale implementation of these goals during the current fiscal year. We ask that you make a commitment to support our donation center, the people we serve, and our mission by making a monetary or in-kind donation of goods or services.

Your generosity will make a difference by allowing us to continue to provide our services and programs to individuals in need within our community. Furthermore, if you would like to have a discussion about how you can further support our mission through the donation of time or services, please feel free to contact OPI at 773-530-4558 or

Please remember that every donation makes a difference, regardless of size!

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Checks should be payable to Ordinary People International and mailed to:

Sanctuary of Prayer Christian Church
851 West 103rd Street
Chicago, IL 60643