Future Planned Activities

Scope of Future Planned Activities

  • All activities will include intergenerational participants
  • Our goal is to re-introduce family and community connectedness
  • Activities will create strong bonding and will be offered in the evenings and weekends
  • Activities will be interactive, fun, informative, and education


The Price is Right Game Show
All intergenerations will play this game. Younger generations will learn the prices of every day food and household products. Seniors will consult youth for technical prices. Sponsors will be asked to donate prizes.

Talent Shows
Talent Shows will be conducted for all age groups. Generations will have fun singing, playing, and performing  based on a wide range of musical genres. Participants will perform their God-given talents. Local musicians and recording artist will serve as judges.

Family Night
Family Night will include mothers, fathers, grandparents, cousins, sisters, brothers, etc. Categories will be local/world-wide news, current events, trivia, pop culture, etc. Refreshments will be served.

  • After School/Weekend Help
  • Award Ceremony
  • Bartering Exchange
  • Board Games
  • Budgeting
  • Career Development
  • Exercise/Fitness
  • Family Night
  • Field Trips
  • Game Shows
  • Guest Speakers: (Business Leaders/Church Officials)
  • Healthy Eating Cooking Demos
  • Inspirational Movies
  • Job Training/Marketing Skills
  • Morality/Ethics
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Open Forums
  • Plays/Musicals
  • Recipe Exchange
  • Role Playing (interviews, attire, etiquette)
  • Survival Skills
  • Talent Shows
  • Trivia
  • Volunteerism/Community Service